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Fine Dining

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Fine Dining


We have the most beautiful evenings in Oudtshoorn and our veranda offers the perfect setting for romantic candlelight dinners beneath the stars!
  • Dinners are charged at an additional R275 pp for a three-course meal. Our speciality includes ostrich steaks, but our menu offers a good variety of typical cuisine during your stay. 
  • Dinners and breakfast are served on the veranda of the main house which can easily be converted into a closed room when needed.
  • Intimate dinners for small groups can be served in our dining room.
Here is an example of what to expect on our menu.


- Tradional Cape Malayan Bobotie -
Curried mincemeat, delicately spiced with a slightly fruity taste, topped with egg custard and baked
Served with Basmati Rice, Fruit Chutney and Banana

- Sweet Summer Melon wrapped in Ostrich Carpaccio –
Served on Fresh Garden Lettuce and finished with Green Fig infused Balsamic Reduction and Organic Olive oil

- Elegant Ostrich liver Pâté –
Homemade Liver Pâté served with Crostini and Tradional Green Fig preserve

- Calamari and Litchi –
Delicious Pan fried Calamari Rings with Lemon-garlic butter, finished with litchis and fresh parsley.

- B & B Soup –
Duo of Beetroot and Butternut soup in one bowl

- Spicy Carrot And Coconut Soup –
Pureed soup of carrot and coconut cream with a hint of chili

- Chilled Cucumber Soup with Mint and Crème fresh -
Pureed Soup of Cucumber, Fresh garlic, Crème fresh, natural yoghurt, mint and dill, served cold

Main Course

Ostrich Fan Fillet Grilled to Perfection – 200g

Flavorful Rump Steak – 300g

Tender Chicken breast wrapped in streaky Bacon, Grilled and basted with sticky BBQ sauce and finished with fresh coriander

All mains are served with Season steamed Vegetables and Homemade Chips.

- Delicious Homemade Sauces –

Monkey gland sauce
Made with Onions, Sweet Peppers, Garlic, Tomato Puree, Fruit Chutney and lots of red wine, Good with Ostrich

Garlic Butter
Made with Salted Farm Butter, Fresh Garlic and Garden Herbs

Blue Cheese Sauce
Steak and blue cheese is a match made in heaven, made with melted Blue Cheese and Cream.


- Frozen Peppermint Crisp Tart -
A Typically South African Dessert with a Twist, Creamy Caramel and Minty Chocolate dessert with Coconut Biscuit Layers

- Lemon Meringue Tart -
An old South African favorite, made with a crust, lemon custard filling and a fluffy meringue topping

- Spiced Chocolate Pudding -
Delicious Spiced Chocolate Cake with Coffee and Chocolate Ganache, served with Fresh Cream and Vanilla Ice cream

- Tradional cape Brandy Pudding -
Date cake drenched in brandy syrup served with fresh whipped Cream or vanilla Ice cream

” food is our common ground, a universal experience “ – James Beard




Thabile Lodge has received a 2018 award for Best Value Oudtshoorn Accommodation.


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